Client is a high-volume seasonal company. They had been using more than half a dozen suppliers to fulfill staffing needs. They were frustrated and overwhelmed by the difficulty of managing basic tasks such as finding out who an employee worked for, providing feedback on an employee or asking for them to be released. They were also annoyed by waiting to receive invoices and reports from multiple suppliers.

Client Solution

Before contacting Rely, the client tried to solve the problem by dividing shifts up according to staffing partner. This solution helped them track a little better, but it was a band-aid solution at best.

Rely Solution

Working closely with the client and the other vendors, we were able to help consolidate their staffing suppliers over a two-year timeframe. This solution consolidated timekeeping, reporting and invoicing, allowing managers and supervisors to spend more time on the floor to engage with employees and less time chasing down paperwork.

After proving ourselves on the shifts we were allocated, we offered to create a Vendor Management approach to handle all the suppliers and employees and provide consolidated reporting and invoicing.


Beginning with one staffing supplier at a time, we gradually took on more shifts. By 2020 all staffing came from Rely and vendors under Rely.


Consolidated billing and reporting freed managers to engage and train new employees. The client also reduced costs by fully staffing two shifts rather than splitting workers over four shifts.